• Bruce's Priorities

  • Medicare For All

    Right now, 27 million Americans do not have health insurance. This is unforgivable given that the U.S. spends $3.2 TRILLION dollars on the most expensive healthcare system in the world!


    MEDICARE FOR ALL is the best solution for our expensive and broken healthcare system.


    Bruce’s proposal to fix it includes:

    • Eliminate offshore tax havens for major corporations to balance the scale of lost taxes ranging from $100 to 250 BILLION dollars a year, and a loss of capital amounting to $7 to $10 TRILLION globally.
    Bruce's plan also includes:
    • Implement a 6.2% income-based health care premium paid by employers that will save employers an average of $9,000 per employee yearly and generate $630 BILLION dollars.
    • Apply 4% of the cost to individual households, that will save families $4,000 a year and generate $400 BILLION dollars.
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  • Lower Prescription Drug Prices

    Americans pay the highest prices for prescription drugs in the world. As a result, nearly 1 in 5 Americans between the ages of 19 and 64 could not afford to fill their prescriptions in this, the richest country in the world. This is a consequence of price gouging by pharmaceutical companies. We must enact policies that bring the American public to the bargaining table.

  • Strengthen Public Education

    The steady decline in quality education opportunities must be reversed by investing in, rather than divesting from, public schools at all levels. This means ensuring states and school districts receive the taxpayer funds that they are entitled to by law, and restricting the use of vouchers that weaken our public schools. In Arizona, the model of private school vouchers is already beginning to take its toll, and calls to nationalize that system must be stopped immediately in Congress.

  • Reduce Student Debt

    We must also address the emerging crisis of student loan debt. Over the last decade, rates on student loans have doubled, and in some cases have tripled, severely handicapping the livelihoods and futures of our children. The Department of Education must act to restore interest rates to their lowest levels, in order to make college affordable for all those who wish to attend.

  • Strong Middle Class Jobs

    One of government’s key responsibilities is to ensure a stable foundation for entrepreneurship and creativity. This is achieved through common sense fiscal policies that level the playing field, appropriate and fair regulations that protect consumers, and incentives for businesses in leading areas like technology and renewable energy. These actions together yield better paying jobs and upward mobility - a strength that sets this country apart and contributes to our global competitiveness. After decades of instead witnessing America’s wealth inequality rise, our leadership challenged, and the wealthiest no longer paying their fair share, it is time to revisit how we invest in the future.

  • Invest in Infrastructure

    Paving new roads, building safer water pipes, and connecting our communities with new sources of energy are essential if we are going to create an environment where our families, communities, and businesses can thrive. This means holding the current administration accountable to its pledge of investing one trillion new dollars in public infrastructure; and ensuring that that money is financed equitably and distributed impactfully. And we will create millions of new jobs in the process.

  • Remove Special Interest Money from Politics

    The obscene amounts of money spent to buy and sell political favors and candidates must stop. Much of our nation’s political dysfunction is due to a campaign finance system that is corrupt and increasingly controlled by the most wealthy and their special interests. The disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision has further usurped our democratic principles by bringing the power of money to a historical and dangerous apex. On a personal level, this is why my campaign is committed to being one of principles not price tags. Elections, after all, should not be judged as a spending contest, but should be decided based on the positions each candidate takes on major issues and on the values they hold closest.

  • Address Global Warming with Urgency

    Climate change caused by human activity is real, and will become an existential threat during our children’s lifetime if not addressed immediately. Domestically, we must transition away from our reliance on fossil fuels, invest in renewable energy sources, and regulate carbon emitting activities. International coordination is also needed - and presents a golden opportunity for American leadership - to help developing countries implement clean power plans and hold our partners accountable for their share of carbon reductions. President Trump’s action to withdraw from the Paris Agreement completely subverts this opportunity, but it will also take four years to implement. If I am elected to Congress, I will fight to prevent the withdrawal before it can become a fact.

  • National Security

    Ensuring the security of the United States is our most solemn responsibility. Protecting our citizens from terrorism and potential enemies, defending our vital interests, and reaffirming our commitments to our allies are tasks that I will uphold as part of my oath of office. At the same time, America's global leadership must reflect our dedication to human rights, dignity, and opportunity, acknowledging that our strength abroad is derived from the values we espouse. Effective national security therefore also entails avoiding adventurous foreign entanglements, and as a member of Congress, I will carefully deliberate the use of our armed forces before sending our sons and daughters into harm’s way.

  • Fair Immigration Policy

    The President’s proposed border wall is a boondoggle and is a waste of millions of taxpayer dollars. A simplistic wall furthermore does nothing to secure our border. Instead, our nation should have an immigration policy that is fair and open to those who will contribute to our nation’s prosperity, including DREAMERS and those escaping persecution.